Make Coins and Get Builder Outfit Easily: Super Mario Maker 2

To complete the final job and get the Mario Builder Outfit in Super Mario Maker 2 (SMM 2) you’ll have to farm at least 1,000 gold coins. Here, we’ll show you the best and easy way to make coins in SMM2.

Farm Coins in SMM 2 Job No. 55

This is very easy job where you ride in a car. This job will get you 100 + coins per race and there are 50 coins that you cannot miss, because if you get them all you can win up to 117 coins.

Farm Coins in SMM 2 Job No. 56

This job cost you 80 coins but it is another race that is worth it, in which you can earn up to 150 coins per race.

Farm Coins in SMM 2 Job No. 70

This job won’t get you much but can be completed quickly and can earn 80 coins in total it's very fast, since it will not take you 30 seconds finish.

Farm Coins in SMM 2 Job No. 76

This job maybe the least interesting, but it's still worth it. It cost you 50 coins but you can made between 50 and 80, in addition, it is very easy to complete.

Make Coins SMM2, Get Builder Outfit, Super Mario Maker 2

Farm Coins in SMM 2 Job No. 90

This one brings you 40 and 55 coins per race but it won’t take much time to fish, just 30 seconds. So if you're good at it and you like it, another great job to farm coins fast.