New Ranking System and Reward Guide Apex Legends

The new Ranking Mode in Apex Legends Season 2 is about a qualifying league system, where players will take their skills to the limit to advance through the different ranks: silver, gold, platinum, diamond and apex predator. All levels except apex predator have four levels each: gold IV, gold III, gold II and gold I. At the beginning of this new series, all players will start in bronze IV. Here, we’ll show you how the new Apex Legends ranking system works.

Players can advance their ranks using a scoring system. Their score is measured in Ranked Points (RP) earn during games and used to participate in games of different ranks.

- Bronze Ranked League is free.
- Silver will cost you 1 RP
- Gold 2 RP
- Platinum 3 RP
- Diamond 4 RP
- Apex predator cost you 5 RP

You can earn RP in different ways: eliminations get you 1 RP up to a maximum of 5 RP per game. If you reach the top 10, you will get 2 RP, the top 5, 4 RP and the top 3, 7 RP. For the first place, you’ll get 12 RP. Each score is exclusive, so the maximum number of points available to win in a game is 17.

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Climb in the Ranks

The intent of this mode is for players to rise in the ranks system. Once a different rank is achieved, the player cannot be demoted to a lower league, but to a smaller division. That is, if you reach the rank of silver, you cannot go down to bronze, but if you are silver I can downgrade to silver IV.


Currently, badges are rewarded to the different ranks that are reached. Players can wear the badges during their games.


All players who leave their teammates in full game will receive a temporary penalty in normal and qualifying games. This penalty will increase as this practice occurs on the part of the player. The players that are abandoned will have a reset that will alleviate their RP.