Raise Your Base, Village Town Fast: Dragon Quest Builders 2

In Dragon Quest Builders 2 (DQB2), the construction is very important and also the management of your base or town. It won’t be easy to satisfy all your villagers and level up your base. Here, you’ll find some essential tips that’ll help you to speed up your progress in DQB2.

To level up your base, villages or settlements in DQB 2 you must do the following:

- Use all available blueprints
- Get ride of all dead crops and take advantage of the new land for planting
- Create a scarecrow to protect your crops
- Talk to each of the villagers, especially those who offer quests
- Don’t leave a single heart of the villagers
- Ring the town bell to rise to the level when required

General procedure to level up the base

Whenever you start a new base you must develop it adequately. This requires you to do a series of tasks such as getting ride of your opponents, plowing dirt, removing debris, doing all the missions offered by the premises, constructing buildings, planting crops and take advantage of all the available blueprints.

Raise Your Base, Village, Town Fast, Dragon Quest Builders 2, DQB2

Note that each city or base begins at the zero level, and to increase it you need to get hearts. You will get hearts as you go up the level of the village, and this is done by ringing the bell when required.

Basically to collect hearts you must perform tasks for the villagers such as quests, construction of buildings, planting crops and, in short, any action that contributes to the welfare of the village including eliminating of enemies at night.

The hearts and what's left to go up to the next level lie on the interface in the upper left corner, just below the life bar. Once the heart level has reached the maximum, you will have to ring the bell to rise to the level and continue to progress.