Unlock Dressing Table and Change Outfits in DQ Builders 2

At the beginning of Dragon Quest Builders 2 (DQB2), you can select the gender of your character and can customize the appearance. You can also change your character’s outfits later in the game.

Unlock dressing table: You can change your appearance in Krumbul Dun, the second big island you travel. Here you’ll find the first dressing table, which is hidden in a mountain. For this you have to build a room for Babs. One of the NPCs gives you this quest and automatically unlocks the blueprint for a dressing table. If you want to make a dressing table and change your appearance you need these materials: 5x glass, 3x wood and 1x copper ingot

By interacting with dressing table, you can customize the appearance. In addition to the gender, the hair, skin and eyes, you can also change your outfits and skins on the dressing table. These include headgear, shields, hammers, swords, and other accessories.

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You can see the costume and other accessories in the inventory. About the dressing table you can now simply change the look, if you don’t like the look. The bonuses and extras in the inventory remain.

You have to play for a while, until you unlock the dressing table and the possibility of visual adjustment of your character. If you stick to the main quests, you should arrive at the above described point after about half day of play.