Beat Jirachi and Team Leaders in Pokémon Go: Guide

In Pokémon GO, you can acquire the legendary Jirachi but for that you’ll have to complete several missions with six phases in each including defeating team leaders to get to the seventh mission and Jirachi.

Here, one of the most challenging tasks is to defeat a team leader three times in a Lethargy Millennial and in this guide we’ll show you how to complete this mission successfully.

Beating a team leader (Candela, Blanche or Spark) three times will get you 3000 XP and with that you will only have one more step to get to the Jirachi.

In order to start a fight with one of these team leaders, go to the main menu and select “Near” - “Battle” from there you can pick one of the three characters. Remember that you need to defeat a team leader three times to complete this little mission successfully.

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Beat Blanche (Team Mystic): This team leader is skilled in water and ice, and is changing between these two types during fight. That is why, if you want to defeat him, then you require a combination of electric and fire Pokémon.

Beat Candela (Team Valor): This leader is specialized in fire Pokemon and she is one of the toughest leaders to beat. It is best to use your water type Pokémon to go against Candela.

Beat Spark (Team Instinct): This leader specializes in electric Pokémon, and usually puts a few Pokémon quite strong in electricity. Try to have a little patience and don’t rush with the choice of creatures.