Kill Winkler, Earn Lots of Gold Tips: Wolfenstein Youngblood

In Wolfenstein Youngblood, to buy various items and outfits for your hero you need a lot of coins. Of course you can always spend your real money to buy them but there is a new method that will get you large number of Gold Coins without spending anything from your wallet.

This method requires you to repeat the first mission that leads you to defeat General Winkler. To do this mission again, you must go to the level menu and meet Abby in the catacombs.

If we you carry out this mission successfully, then you’ll be able to earn 200 + coins in each round. To start this mission, just enter the elevator and then go down and proceed without getting detected by enemies.

In the first room you must enter through the door on the right. Once there turn around and kill the guard and enter the code 8431 on the keyboard to get to the next area.

General Winkler, Wolfenstein Youngblood, First Mission, Earn Gold Coins, Guide

Now go through the vent and go down the hall. Then turn right and open the yellow hangar door. Here you have to keep moving so that the guards won’t detect you, if you continue and finish the mission you will get a bonus of 100 + coins for not having alerted the enemies, getting the mentioned 200 + coins in the end.

Once you have earned the coins you can simply exit the level, and repeat the mission as many times as you want to farm unlimited number of coins.