Raise Skills to S Plus Rank in Fire Emblem Three Houses

In Fire Emblem Three Houses (FETH), you can improve your fighting skills to the S + Rank. To bring your skills to that level, you must do certain tasks or carry out various fights.

However, there is a simple trick that helps you to reach this rank quite easily. In this guide, we’ll give you some useful tips and strategies that will help you to bring your skills to S + rank.

Our guide to increase your rank to S+ will work at any level of difficulty, whether you play easy, normal or difficult, and you need to have a damaged or rusty weapon to do so. You can also use any type of mission and you can repeat it as many times as you see fit, until you get the S + rank.

First you must start a mission with 1 to 4 units that have a high defense. The fewer units you have, the more experience you gain. And you must equip your unit with damaged and rusty weapons.

Then you must assign support members to the fighting units, they are the characters you really want to gain XP and make sure to equip them with the right elements, since depending on what you use, you’ll gain some skills or others.

Raise Skills, S + Rank, Fire Emblem Three Houses, FETH

You must move and attract your opponents to the woods, so that you all get an upgrade in your defense, or you can also do it with high defense tokens, and include healing objects to keep your characters alive.

If you have done all of theses then you can attack your enemies for many turns and you can gain up to 3,200 skill points per battle. It is the trick and the easiest way to increase your skill rank to S +.