Solo Single Player Mode Beginner’s Guide: Apex Legends

After a long wait, EA has finally introduced the highly acclaimed single-player (solo) mode to Apex Legends (AL)

Apex single-player mode is totally different from everything you've experienced in the co-op. The tactics and decisions you make will have direct impact on the game. So you have to be very careful. To help you progress faster in AL Solo Mode, we have compiled a list of tips and strategies.

Where to land? One of the biggest changes in the game is that while in transport, you’ll get to know where the storm. This is an advantage, and with this feature you don't have to watch for the storm.

However, we recommend that you land in an area outside the safe zone, but relatively close so that you can go to it quickly in case of problems.

Landing close to many players is not wise, because you’ll be the target of your enemies. Avoid the crowds to be able to loot quietly and be prepared for the next rounds.

Pay attention to your surroundings: Have an action plan before you landing and think about where you are going to go as the storm closes.

Listen carefully, as the gunfire will alert many players of their presence and the opponents’ sound will reveal their exact locations.

Here, you should not hide and wait as it can be fatal, since you will be forced to make rash decisions.

Loot everything you can: AL is a game that rewards looting, so try to equip yourself as best you can. A game is not necessarily won by the best player, many times you just need to be prepared and have a good team and weapons.

Best legends for Apex Solo: Solo mode is much more frantic than Co-op. Therefore, an offensive attitude to the game is rewarded much more.

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The best legends for Apex Solo mode are the following:

- Bloodhound: Helps you to find out the footsteps of your enemies and also assists you decide whether to ambush them, follow them as a predator or prevent them.

- Mirage: While it is true that your passive is quite useless in this way, if your lure and its final are very useful. Both can get you out of more than a hurry if you find yourself trapped in crossfire.

- Bangalore: The smoke of this artillery is basic to escape dangerous situations and to loot without being seen. The ultimate will cause a lot of damage to your opponents and the passive will allow you to escape more quickly if you ambush.

- Octane: Allows you to move faster, something that will greatly favor you if you decide to chase an enemy or escape from it. In addition, your passive will heal you in case you don't have first-aid kits.

- Pathfinder: With its hook and zip line you can place yourself in places that most players cannot access. Map control and positioning with Pathfinder can be the key to winning.