Trick to Recruit any Fire Emblem Three Houses Character

In Fire Emblem Three Houses (FETH) you have the option to pick one of the three houses and characters that belong to it, and then you can upgrade and lead them to the battles. To recruit other characters available in FETH you have to carry out certain activities with them and if we have the necessary skills, then you’ll end up joining them to the group.

However, with our simple trick to recruit any FETH character, you can add to your group any character of the two remaining houses without fulfilling compatible skills.

For this to work you must concentrate on raising the support level of other students, which would be as follows:

- Buy them flowers on their birthdays
- Give them flowers
- Involve in battles asking for your help
- Invite them to eat
- Make all kinds of gifts

Here, we are interested in bringing the support level to B of all the students in other houses, the easiest procedure is to give flowers and all kinds of gifts whenever you can.

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You need to have at least 30 flowers or gifts to reach level B support. It doesn't matter if you don't have compatible skills or your statistics are low, because if the rest of the students in other houses have level B support for giving them so many gifts, you can recruit them.

Once a character from another house has reached support level B, you will simply have to wait for the characters to randomly ask you to join your group with the arrival of weekends. It should be clarified that you cannot ask them to join, and they will be themselves with a random animation who ask to be recruited by you.

To speed up this process, wait until the weekend arrives and then if you see that none of the other heroes have asked you to join your group, load a game from the previous day and try again repeatedly.