Weapon Selection Guide: Fire Emblem Three Houses - FETH

In Fire Emblem Three Houses (FETH), you’ll have a several classes with a wide range of weapons, some better than others. So it is important to know which weapons are powerful and suitable for each of the characters, based on both the skills and their statistics, and here we’ll help you to pick the most powerful weapons in FETH.


This is one the best axes that you can get in FETH, with stats of 24 might, 60 hit probability and a critic of 20. It can give a great benefit to Rhea, Jeralt and Edelgard. As each of them bears the Crest of Seiros, it can trigger the special ability that increases might.


It is the book with 30 might and a 100 hit probability. Its strength lies in the special ability to heal allies. For this, each group must have a holy knight or at least one bishop wielding this weapon of the gods in each fight.

Ukonvasara axe

This axe has the special ability to restore HP. It has 19 might, and 65 hit probability, and 20 critical. It is a great for armored opponents although it does not have much durability. It is used by Lorenz.

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This weapon has a great special ability as it inflicts magical damage instead of the physical one. This is an ideal weapon for close encounters because some of the opponents you face are very weak to magical attacks. Crusher comes with 18 might and a durability of 20 and it is used by Annette.


This is a legendary spear that has 19 might, 75% chance of success and less heavy. However, it has a durability of only 20, although due to its low weight you could carry another type of weapon. It is used by Dimitri.

Lance Of Ruin

This is a legendary weapon that Sylvain carries and has a special ability of increased power when this character is using combat gear. However, for this he needs the advantage of Gautier's crest.

It has 22 might, 65 chances of hit and a critic of 20, and is quite light but with little durability. You can get Lance Of Ruin in Chapter 5.


This is an axe with stats of 23 might, 65 chances of hit and 10 critics. It is a great weapon for Hilda because it carries the Crest of Goneril, activating a benefit to give you the opportunity to avoid enemy counterattacks.