Borderlands 3: Guide to Use Shift Codes - Get Gold Keys

As you progress through the Borderlands 3, you’ll come across a gold chest equipped with some valuable items but to unlock it, you’ll need special keys that you’ll get either by paying or have using Shift codes.

How to use Shift codes on Borderlands 3: To use them follow the procedure below:

- Connect to Borderlands 3 on the platform of your choice,

- Go to the Social section of the main menu

- Enter the code in the Shift tab to activate it on your account

After you completed you’ll get a mail in your mailbox, which is easily found in the same menu.

Just accept the gift and you can use the gold key to open the gold chest at Sanctuary 3.

Remember, however, that these keys are for single use, so it is best that you expect to be at a high enough level as Hunters to take full advantage of the loot. Because when you are low, you’ll quickly find better quality loot as the levels progressed.

Here is a list of Shift Codes: