Get Started Playing Rush Wars

Our Rush Wars getting started guide shares some useful tips that will help you get a head-start when jumping into Supercell’s new mobile game.

Home screen: On the home screen of the game you’ll find several things:

The buildings:

- The Town Hall, the big middle building
- On your left, there is a helicopter that can be used in the battle
- On the right, the Lab, where the units are upgraded


- Number of stars (trophies equivalent) for its ranking
- The money that you have (top right)
- Social features with "clans", called teams in Rush Wars

Attack enemy: To attack an enemy, take the helicopter. Once you are on the battlefield, your task to destroy your opponent's three gold mines. Meanwhile, your enemy will try to do the same with your gold mines.

The screen breaks up like this: on the left your troops, on the right the base that you have to attack (that includes the gold mines with the stars) but also defenses troops.

Each destroyed mine get you a star, for a maximum of three. By destroying the gold mines, you fly directly into your enemy’s property. However, this will cost you some gold coins. So you have to make sure you have a good defense.

The defense: For a good defense, you need good units. On the home screen, at the bottom left, you have a button with a timer that keeps spinning. With that you will be able to modify your defenses.

The defense cards vary and change each time the timer reaches 0. So you have to think about changing your defenses every time. But how to change your defenses? It is very simple. You have special units to defend your gold mines. It's up to you to dispose of them as you wish, but be careful, you have a limit of 10.

Get Started Guide, Play Rush Wars

Clans / Teams: There are teams in the game. The traditional clans that we could have in the other games of this developer are present in the new game. Nothing really good about these teams as it contains the same information. However, it must be taken into account that the limit of players per team has been set at 25.

Domination, the team wars: In the domination mode, you will be able, with two of your friends, to face a team of three players. You build your defense bases, coordinate on the attack and finally, contemplate the massacre of your troops!

The Lab, upgrade your cards: The Lab will be your alibaba cave. This is where you can see your units and above all, upgrade them!

All info on the units:

- 43 different units
- 4 types: troops, spells, commander, defenses
- 3 rarities: common, rare, epic

Some cards may not be available until your Town Hall has reached a certain level. Because in Rush Wars, it will raise the level of its City Hall, as in Clash of Clans. City Hall levels will also be used to upgrade the Helicopter that takes you into battle to increase the number of troops you can take with you.