Gettleburger: Get Burger Shooting Gun in Borderlands 3

Its been a week since the Borderlands 3 launched and slowly players are started to unravel all the secrets and rewards the game has to offer. One of such rewards is the Gettleburger. As the name implies, it is a rocket launcher that fires burgers.

How to Unlock Gettleburger: The good thing is that this weapon is not a random drop, you’ll get it at the end of a side mission as a guaranteed reward.

You’ll get this side quest on Promethea after completing the first quests of the main mission. Just talk to Lorelei to accept her side quest, where you have to get a cup of coffee. Afterwards commander also wants to eat something and you have to bring the "Dynasty Diner" back to work. For this you have to get some items and fight with enemies.

This side quest is quite long, but not very complex. After you have handed over burger to Lorelei, you will get the gettleburger.

Gettleburger, Burger Shooting Gun, Borderlands 3