Learn New Spells and Potions: The Sims 4 Realm of Magic

In the latest The Sims 4 expansion “Realm of Magic” (TS4 RoM), you have the chance to learn a variety of new Spells and Potion Recipes. However, the problem is that most of them are not readily available at the beginning of the game and you’ll have to find them for yourself, whether spells or potions.

Guide to find new spells: There are several ways to find new spells. What must be noted is that there are three categories: Practical magic, Mischief magic and Untamed magic. It is important to notify it because once you have unlocked all the Mischief Magical Spells, you will not have any reason to do research on it.

The first method is to practice spell. By right clicking on your Sim, you can guide him to practice spell and thus, to find a new spell in one of the three categories you have selected.

The next method is to ask a Sage at the Magic HQ, available in the magic city, to teach you a new spell. This is not available all the time and a Sage specializing in practical magic won’t be able to teach you anything about Mischief Magical Spells.

The third method is when you play Sim in a duel, you can allow this duel to teach you a new spell. This method is quite fun and gives you the opportunity to defeat an opponent!

The last method is to read a book available in a library or purchased at Casters Alley. This method is quite lengthy but has the merit of existing.

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Guide to find new potions: As for spells, there are different ways:

- Exchanging with a HQ Sage to teach you a new recipe

- Performing experiments in a HQ cauldron

- Reading books