Score More Points in Mario Kart Tour (MKT) – Guide

In Mario Kart Tour (MKT), you will get points in each event. You can use them to unlock stars and the more points you earn, the more you will get. Besides, with points, you can also improve your score on the game and can compare you to the official ranking of Nintendo to see the world's top 100 MKT players.

There are several ways to collect points in MKT: Base points, Position points, Action points and Points from combos

The Basic points

When starting a new game, you must pick your character, your kart and your glider. Each has points that will be added at the start of the race and this will bring your base points.

The scores of each entity can be improved in two ways: by playing or by using a boot ticket. So you can boost your Mario, his favorite kart and his favorite glider without any problem and thus, increase your base points.

Position points

You’ll get this type of points according to your place in the ranking of the race. The developer has implemented a multiplier scale to calculate points for each position. This scale multiplies the maximum points according to your level.

A level 1 will have a much lower maximum total than a level 10 player. Therefore, if you want to achieve a nice performance, we recommended you to raise levels!

For example, at level 13, the maximum points at 1st place are 2980

Scale: 1st place: maximum points, 2nd place: maximum points x 0.85, 3rd place: maximum points x 0.75, 4th place: maximum points x 0.65, 5th place: maximum points x 0.55, 6th place: maximum points x 0.45, 7th place: maximum points x 0.35 and 8th place: maximum points x 0.20

Action points

Each action performed in your MKT races brings you points. Figures, objects against opponents or other eliminations of Goombas are among the list of elements reporting action points.

The Combos (Bonus points)

Chaining two actions quickly allows you to trigger a combo that scores extra points. These are non-negligible bonus points that earn more points for each action performed.

The total points in MKT

By adding up all these points will give your total score at the end of each race. If you have completed all the races, think about the various challenges available in the game as they get you nice rewards.