Youtubers Life New Update to bring Fashion Channel

YouTubers Life new expansion is set for release in the first week of November 2019. This DLC will be available for free on Steam and consoles. To celebrate its impressive achievement, U-Play Online revealed that the new update will feature a brand new Fashion Channel. This will allow you to interact with your audience in many new ways, such as creating your own clothes for the everyday.

Fashion Channel will have the following feature:

- Buy and create your own sets : you need to mix different styles and colors keeping in mind their adaptation to the time of the year concerned.

- Work on every aspect of your personal life : you'll have the option to design new clothes, test makeup styles and even create new haircuts.

- Create fashion videos: once your first sets are created, you can record videos that concern them. Start gathering deserved subscribers!

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- Attend fashion events to become a celebrity - but be careful, because you'll have to be dressed properly to hope to make the cover of the fashion magazine.

- Become the next supermodel: select the best clothes and share your best tracks with the greatest supermodels in the world in this very fun mini-game!