Find Letter N: Fortnite Location Guide with Map

Chapter 2 Season 1 Week 5 challenges are now live in Fortnite and one of the challenges requires you to find the letter N hidden in the loading screen.

To complete this challenge easily, we’ll show you where to find the Letter N on the game map.

Find the letter N in the loading screen is similar to those of the previous tasks. Once all missions out, the collected letters will form the word FORTNITE.

These letters are to be found in the loading screens. You’ll get the screen of the week after completing at least 8 of the mission challenges. Once obtained, equip and launch a part to see it in big and to be able to look for the letter!

You will have to look for this letter in the game to validate the challenge. But where is the Letter N? Head south Holly Hedges to find the hidden N! The letter is in a bunker, as can be seen on the loading screen. You will find it at the top of the stairs on the left.

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