Farming Simulator 2020: Available Platforms

Farming Simulator 20 is now available to play on certain platforms!

However, FS sans may be disappointed as the latest entry in the series is available on very few platforms: you can only play FS20 on iOS, Android and Switch. This means that PS4, PC, Mac and Xbox One players will not be able to enjoy this title. This is not very surprising as we know that the creators of FS alternates each year the platforms. If the game is available on mobile, there is very little chance that it is also on PC and consoles, and vice versa! Platforms unavailable this year will probably be remain same next year, with the release of FS 21.

If you are still struggling whether to buy the game or not, here is a trailer to preview the game. FS20 offers the simulation of farm management, as well as animal husbandry and many other activities!

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