Catch a Fish while in Choppa Helicopter in Fortnite

A new set of Fortnite challenges (Midas Week 10) are here. To complete this week challenges, we recommend that you use Choppas as they will help you to travel faster.

In this Fortnite Midas Week 10 challenges guide, we will show how to catch a fish while in a Choppa or Helicopter.

To begin this challenge, you’ll need to get a fishing rod, to be able to fish! You’ll usually find them near water points, next to different rivers and lakes.

Once you have one, you’ll have to get into a Choppa! If you don't already know, the Choppas are the helicopters that we have been able to fly for a few weeks now in Fortnite.
Once you are in the helicopter, head to any water point to fish. It is possible that the challenge can be completed alone, if you put the helicopter close to the water, and you put yourself on the passenger side to fish!

Catch a Fish, Choppa Helicopter, Fortnite