Increase Black Ops Cold War Performance on Low Spec PC

In this guide, we’ll show you the best in-game settings to boost Black Ops Cold War performance on low spec PC.

First, in your graphic settings set the display mode to full screen I have set it to Windows as it’s easier to record.

Disabled V-sync.

Set the Render Resolution to 100 in case you still need more performance changing the next settings then you should lower the display mode too. This will in turn increase your frame rate but the visual quality will suffer a lot. Set it to 90 and play a game as this should help the most if your graphic card is bottlenecking your performance.

Black Ops Cold War, Increase Performance,  Low Spec PC

The display option should not change your performance but I suggest limiting your frame rate to a bit higher than your screen’s refresh rate. If you are using a higher refresh rate monitor such as 144hz then set it to 160fps. This should save some resources while playing the game.

In the details and textures section reduce the texture. 

Texture filtering quality to low or medium depending on your system’s specs disable screen space reflection.

Set the object view distance to high to save some resources.

I always prefer to lower the shadow options to the lowest. In case you’re using an Nvidia GPU and you’re running the latest driver then enable the Nvidia reflex low latency option.

Disable anti-aliasing quality.

Motion blur if you want and set the CPU priority management to manual.

Lastly, in case you’re getting random lag on high-end system then you should restart the shaders compilation which will take a minute to complete.

In case you need more performance after changing your graphics settings then I suggest following my FPS boost guide.