Fix Stuck on Origin, Epic Games - Star Wars Battlefront 2

Recently, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is free to play on the Epic Game store and of course this guide isn't specific to only SWB2, if you're experiencing “Please wait while we install Origin” error then this guide is going to show you how to fix it.


What error is it? Well if I open up the Epic Games Launcher and locate a game that I'd like to install. In my case Star Wars Battlefront 2, I'll simply click on it and you'll see a pop-up in the bottom right ‘Please Wait While We Install Origin’ what exactly is happening here? Well, absolutely nothing and that's exactly what this guide is going to show you, exactly how to fix. So before we even get into possible fixes you may just have not noticed something check your start bar at the very bottom and make sure that the Origin logo isn't there. If you see it click on it and you'll be prompted to Sign in with your EA account to link it to your Epic Game Store account. However, let's of course assume that you didn't miss something as simple as this and there's actually an issue well if you don't have Origin installed then it'll have to install it first and then launch it up. However, if it's deciding not to install it you can try it manually downloading Origin from the EA website. Simply head across to the link in the description down below or and then download and install the Origin. Once Origin is installed and signed in you'll see a New Window.


If you head back to Epic Games click the game once again you should be prompted again by origin this time to sign in. Even if you already have the window open you’ll get a second window pops up.


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However, if you're still having issues there's a couple of things that we can try. First of all, hit start and then click on the settings icon. In the new window, open up system and then make sure you're on the display tab. Inside of there simply select the display that you're currently using - scroll down and then choose a different display resolution. If the Window for some reason was pushed off of your display simply changing your resolution, should get it back to the center or at least somewhere where you can grab it. If you're running anything other than 4k, 2k 1080p, 720p or another common value like that try changing it across to say 1920x1080 and then launching up the Epic Game Store again trying to install the game.

Fix Star Wars Battlefront 2 Shaders Stuck on Launch


Another thing we can try and change is the scale and layout. Of course if you have a 4k display or something like that you usually have the option “Change the size of text, apps and other items” try to change it to 100%. Closing out of it and launching up the game once again to the Epic Game Store. This time hopefully you can see the Sign In page for a linking Origin and Epic Games. Once again you may have to check your start bar as there may be one or two open there.


However, for some reason you're still having issues you can try uninstalling Origin, if you already have it installed or you installed it earlier. Hit start open up settings head across to the apps section and then in the list there simply type in Origin click on Origin and then click uninstall. Note that if you have any games installed I don't think that they'll be uninstalled but they will have to be linked again. After it's uninstalled you can simply head back to the Epic Game Store, click on the game once again and eventually the Sign in window should pop up. After signing in it should simply link your accounts together otherwise you'll have to enter a two-factor code and if we head across to the my game library inside of Origin you should see Star Wars Battlefront 2 or whatever EA Game you added through the Epic Games launcher. Now, you'll be able to download and install any game that you want to. The download will be managed and completed completely inside the Origin Launcher. If you head back to the Epic Game Store and click the game itself it'll simply try and open up Origin again.