Star Wars Battlefront 2 (SWB2): Fix Shaders Stuck on Launch

In this guide we’ll show you how to fix an issue with Star Wars Battlefront 2 (SWB2) where you simply get stuck on the Optimizing Shaders Screen.

When the game starts launching up you'll see at the bottom of your screen Optimizing Shaders simply gets stuck somewhere along the progress bar or it takes infinitely long to finish. There is a fix to this issue, basically while the game is running in Directx 12 mode it's able to pre-cache certain Shaders so that you can get much better performance in-game and it may even look a little bit better. I'll simply alter 4 out of this game just to simulate what would happen with you, you wouldn't be able to get past that screen to get to your main menu. Now, the simplest solution to this issue is to disable Directx 12 mode and go back down to Directx 11 mode. Even if you have a super up-to-date PC as you won't need to compile any Shaders before playing. Now, of course you may be losing some performance optimizations. It may not look exactly as good but it is still a super good experience and I've actually had it on Directx 11 mode for the longest time without even noticing that there was a Directx 12 mode. Regardless how exactly do we do this if we can't get to the main menu and see the options screen. Well, assuming you can get to the options screen you can simply head across to the graphics tab and disable Directx 12 mode so that it uses Directx 11 mode but for most people won't be able to get to the main menu at all. 

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What do you do? Well, simply hold down start to open up a new file browser dialog then click the document section or simply head across to see users, your username and then Documents. Then when you get to there simply locate Star Wars Battlefront 2 and open it up - inside of the folder click settings and then BootOptions simply double click on it and then choose notepad when asked what program you'd like to open the game in, then you'll see the server. There all that we need to do is locate GstRender.EnableDx12 1 and simply change the one to a zero. For some reason you're getting issues with Fullscreen or Windowed mode or possibly even a wrong resolution you can adjust them there. You can also set a resolution height and width as well as force a set refresh rate. After doing this most importantly disabling Directx 12. 

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Now, we can launch up the game and this time while loading into the game you'll notice that we simply skip the Shader's installation completely. What does this mean? Well, you should be able to play the game without any issues as you simply skipped it. Of course you can re-enable it after playing a game and maybe it'll fix itself, maybe it won't. If it doesn't well at least you'll still be able to play the game. You'll be losing a tiny bit of the experience but relatively nothing in the long run.