Get Lots of Iron easily without Travel to Swamp: Valheim

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get vast amount of iron easily without going back and forth to the swamp.


You need a ton of iron not only to make the items but to upgrade them as well. It is extremely expensive and takes an huge amount of iron and quite frankly it's really frustrating having to bring iron from your swamp to another base and then just doing all sorts of things just to get iron from those far off locations.


Now, before you start with this you are going to need to defeat the second boss. The second boss is called the Elder and its spawn location is going to be different depending on your seed there can be multiple spawn locations as well. You'll find runes throughout the map that will point out the locations. You'll have to take down the Elder. The Elder is going to drop an item called the SWAMP KEY, which you're going to need to open things in the swamp. Once you get this swamp key you'll be able to continue with the process.


Now, if you haven't defeated the Elder before it can be defeated extremely easy with a bow, just a bow with some fire arrows, regular arrows and basically just kite it around until you kill it. It's relatively straightforward.


Now, once you've got your Swamp Key you're going to want to start getting ready to start this process. Now, if you have a cauldron there are a few items that you can make that are going to be really helpful.


Mead Based: Medium Healing you'll get once you start killing leeches in the swamp, Minor Healing is really great as well as Poison Resistance and these three are going to come in really handy. You can get Minor Stamina as well if you want and once you make some of those you're gonna wanna start getting ready and I recommend to get all of the items that you want to take with you in your inventory. So make sure you get enough food so that way you get all of your max health that you can get at the time as much stamina as you can, empty your entire inventory except for the things you need. Obviously, you're going to want to take your best weapon shields come in really handy especially if you have a Bronze buckler. I recommend taking quite a few pickaxes, at least two or more healing potions obviously and then some armor. Everything else you can kind of just get rid of and having a forge right near you is gonna help because you'll be able to quickly repair everything and then start with this process again.


Once you've got everything ready, you're ready to start this process get right next to a chest and then just go ahead and log out. Now, one of the great things about Valheim is you can take your character all of your equipment skills, all of the items in your inventory and transfer them to any world whenever you want as many times as you want back and forth. It's extremely easy and I've found a seed with a massive Swamp biome where we're going to be farming up metal and we're going to be taking advantage of that.


So what you're going to want to do is once you get to the screen you're going to create a new world seed. I like naming it Swamp2, you can make as many of these seeds as you want as well. So you can continue farming the seed when you use all the resources on one. So we're going to go ahead and put seed in as shown below:


Crypt Location Map, Swamp, Valheim

It is case sensitive so put ‘klW6PHmPNj’ and once you put that in just go ahead and click done and then log into the world. Now, when you first Log In you're going to spawn right here:


Crypt Location Map, Swamp, Valheim

(Now, another thing that's great about this is your character when you transfer servers. No matter what server you're logging on to will always respawn or log in at the last place you logged out on each server).


So you're gonna start there and you're going to make your way north until you hit ocean area. Then you're going to follow the shore until you get into the swamp.



Crypt Location Map, Swamp, Valheim


I've already started marking some crypts. So these are going to be the locations you're going to want to go to start farming up all of iron and it's really easy to get too. Obviously, you might have to fight some monsters, you can avoid most of them and just get into the crypt and then you're just going to start farming each and every one of those crypts to your heart's content.

Now, if this is your first time actually mining for the iron you're going to be mining those muddy scrap piles but also inside of those crypts you might come across area which should have some chests in it. Those chests are also going to have a ton of iron in them.


Swamp, New World, Chest Location, map


Now, these chests can also be used as areas to store everything until you farm everything out of the crypt that you want. So what I recommend doing is just storing everything in those little chests when you find them. So loot them and get one like close to the entrance or something like that and put everything inside of there until you've mined up the whole area or until you're ready to log out.


Now, once you have gotten everything you want out of one of those crypts. Just go ahead and go to that chest to grab everything that you want to take with you and even though you're going to be encumbered just go ahead and log out. Now, once you log back into the main server you're going to be right back where you logged out and hopefully in front of the chest and then just transfer those items right into that chest. It's a really really easy process and you'll be able to farm up iron extremely quickly.


Now, when you are doing this if you ever encounter something where you're gonna die you can just go ahead and log out because you can log into another server, heal up and then log back in. So once you log back in you'll be able to heal.


So essentially all you need to do is just keep transferring back and forth farm up all of the different crypts that you can find in that swamp area. Once you've farmed everything to your heart's content.


If you want even more iron you can just create a whole new map and just run through all of the crypts again.