Galaxy S22 Ultra: Best Phone to Capture High Quality Photos

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best camera phone to capture high quality images right now but Samsung is all set to take that to a whole new level with the Galaxy S22 Ultra by equipping a technology that we see on digital and DSLR cameras.


The Unpacked event for the Galaxy S22 is faraway, almost 7 months to be exact but the handset is already making grounds on the internet for good reasons.


We've already heard Samsung is collaborating with the camera maker Olympus to bring sensor-shift technology to improve optical image stabilization and also to improve the low light performance. But it's not the only camera upgrade we're seeing with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. According to a top tipster, Samsung will equip the best zoom camera that we have ever seen on a smartphone. That's right, according to Ice Universe on Weibo, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a continuous zoom camera.


Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung

Now, what is continuous zoom camera? The Galaxy S21 Ultra has 2 zoom cameras. One is 3x optical zoom and another one is 10x for better short-range and long-range zoom. You get good zoomed-in pictures both at 3x and 10x mode. But anything in between, the quality diminishes. That's the reason Samsung brought back a 3x zoom camera on the S21 Ultra after only equipping a 5x periscope zoom on Note 20 Ultra because people started complaining that the phone isn't doing well when zooming in anything below 5x. But now, with the Galaxy S22 Ultra Samsung is taking this to a whole new level and they are making sure the quality doesn't deteriorate even if you zoom in at any point between say 1x to 10x optical. They are doing this by including a variable zoom lens.


A company called O-Film has explained how the continuous zoom camera mechanism actually works.

Galaxy S22 Ultra, Best Phone, Capture High Quality Photos

There is a piezoelectric motor onboard which smoothly and accurately drives a 3-lens assembly alongside the autofocus mechanism forward and back to reach the desired focal length. Thereby, providing higher quality images at different levels. Now, if this sounds a little familiar to you then you're not alone because Sony recently included the same variable zoom camerasetup on the Sony Xperia 1 III. But there's a huge difference between Sony's approach and Samsung's approach. The variable zoom camera on Sony's phone is locked at 2 focal lengths that are 3x and 4.4x of magnification levels. But the continuous zoom camera doesn't have that limitation. You can practically zoom in at any point between 1x and 10x and can still get perfect optical sharpness and details.


Also, those new periscope lens modules are thinner than the current ones. The one from O-film is just 5.9 mm thick which means the Galaxy S22 Ultra may not have a big camera bump.


Anyway, Ice Universe has also mentioned two other big upgrades for the S22 Ultra. The first one is the under-display selfie camera. The leaked trailer for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 already confirms the Under-Display camera for the phone, so it's no wonder the S22 Ultra will also get one to free the display from punch-hole cutouts.


The S22 Ultra will also be the first smartphone to have an AMD GPU, which is expected to be more powerful than the GPU found inside Apple’s latest A14 Bionic chip. So the combination of insane camera technology, a powerful GPU, and an under-display camera will make sure the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the most impressive smartphone around when it launches in early January 2022.