Best Battlefield 2042 Settings, PC Optimization Guide

In this PC optimization guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Battlefield 2042 smoothly on high or low-end PC.


Fist, make sure to update your graphics driver


Game Mode - ON

Xbox Game Bar - OFF

Background Recording and Recorded Audio - OFF

Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - ON

Under the power option, make sure to use Balance or High Performance on your laptop.


Now let’s go to the game settings

Under the General option go to general

Camera Shake - 0

Shared Usage Data - OFF


Show Network Performance Stats - ALWAYS

Battlefield 2042, Best Settings, PC Optimization Guide

Under the Display option go to Video

Fullscreen Mode - FULLSCREEN

Fullscreen Resolution - Native resolution

Refresh Rate - Use the refresh rate of your monitor

Field of View - This is vertical field of view not horizontal so if you guys are used to play at 90, 100, 110, whatever like a game Warzone it's not the same, you need to go on the website to convert that.  So 68 for me is 100 horizontal field of view.

ADS Field of View - OFF

High Dynamic Range (HDR) - OFF

Motion Blur - 0

Chromatic Aberration - OFF

Film Grain - OFF

Vignette - OFF

Lens Distortion - OFF

Graphic Quality - CUSTOM

Texture Quality / Filtering - you can go Ultra if you have 6 GB or more vram of your GPU, if you have something like 4 GB of vram I recommend High, 3 GB Medium and less than 3GB go with Low. 

Lighting Quality - LOW

Effect Quality - LOW

Post Process Quality - LOW

Mesh Quality - LOW

Terrain Quality - LOW

Underground Quality - LOW

Antialiasing Post Processing - TAA LOW

Ambient Occlusion - OFF

Dynamic Resolution - OFF

NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency - Enable + Boost

Future Frame Rendering - ON

Vertical Sync - ON

High Fidelity Object Amount - LOW

If you are experiencing FPS Drops and Stuttering in Battlefield 2042, then click on the link to check out our quick guide to fix this issue.