How to Change Field of View FoV in Battlefield 2042 BF42?

In Battlefield 2042 (BF42), it is important to have the finest display settings in order to have all the details necessary on the screen to react as quickly as possible.

The FOV is one of the options offered in the BF 42 menus. Whether on foot or in a vehicle, it can be set separately. To do so, simply follow the steps given below:


Go to the main menu of BF 2042.

Click on Options at the bottom left.

Go to the Display tab.

Change the FOV on foot and by vehicle.

It is also possible to go to Controller or Keyboard / Mouse and find the option. FOV can go up to 105 for foot gameplay and 88 for vehicles in BF 2042.

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Best PC settings for Battlefield 2042 

It is nevertheless difficult to say which is the ideal FOV, it depends mainly on the size of the screen but also on the preferences of each one. Generally, it is recommended to have one large enough to quickly see opponents and important, elements without however being too large so as not to get lost in the eyes.