How to Use NVIDIA Filters to Improve CoD Warzone Caldera?

Call of Duty: Warzone players may already be familiar with NVIDIA filter settings but with the additional content you have to change their graphics settings. The same goes with the Caldera, Warzone Pacific's new map.


Now, this feature is only available for PC gamers with an NVIDIA graphics card. You must activate them on Warzone Pacific by following the following steps:


Go to GeForce Experience

Activate the in-game overlay in the software settings

Launch Warzone and open the Overlay with Alt + Z (default)

Find the options tab

Once at this step, apply the settings below on Warzone Pacific.


Sharpen: 33%

Clarity: 57%

HDR Toning: 25%

Bloom: 0%


Tint color: 0%

Tint intensity: 0%

Temperature: 0

Vibrance: 56.8

Brightness / Contrast


Exposure: 0%

Contrast: 9%

Highlights: 0%

Shadows: -40%

Range: 0%

With these settings the graphics should be optimal to be able to enjoy Caldera on Warzone Pacific.

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