FM23 how to recruit or find best and cheap staff?

In Football Manager 2023 (FM23), if you want to hire, recruit or find the best and cheap staff to work for your team then you have to look for people based on their Attributes.


In this short guide, we’ll show you the key Attributes to consider for each position.


Best Coach

Training related to the position to be trained (goalkeeping style, etc.): At least 12

Determination: At least 12

Level of Discipline: At least 12

Ability to Motivate: At least 12


Best Scout

Potential Rating: At least 15

Player Rating: Minimum 15

Level of Discipline: At least 15

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Best Physio

Physio: At least 14

Ability to motivate: At least 14

Level of Discipline: At least 14


Best Assistant Coach

People Management: At least 13

Player Rating: At least 13

Potential rating: At least 13


Best Performance Analyst

Data analysis: At least 14

Tactical Knowledge: At least 14


Best Sports Scientist

Sports Science: At least 16


Best Recruitment Analyst

Analyzing Data: At least 14

Player Rating: At least 14


Best Head of Youth Development

Youth training (Working with youngsters: At least 16

Player Rating (Judging player ability): At least 16

Potential rating (Judging player Potential): At least 16


Best Director of Football

Player Rating (Judging player ability: At least 15

Potential rating: At least 15

Negotiating: At least 15


Best Technical Director

Judging Staff Ability: At least 14

Negotiation: At least 14


Best Loan Manager

Data Analysis: At least 10

Player Rating: At least 10

Potential Rating: At least 10 

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