FM23 how to download and Import Training Schedule?

Football Manager 2023 (FM23) allows you to improve your player trough training. To setup your training schedule, you normally go to 'Training' and then edit the workouts as you wish. However, setting up this schedule can sometimes be long and to make it easier for you there are training programs pre-made by fans. Here is how to download and import them:


Go to the Passion4FM website to download the Megapack 


Scroll down, then click on the FM22 Megapack button, wait for the 2023 one


Once the pack is downloaded, unzip it with Winrar or 7-zip, or even The Unarchiver on MacOS


Move the unzipped folder to the following path: Documents > Sports Interactive >

Football Manager 2023 > Schedules


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Launch the game, then go to the Training tab, then click on the “Programs” menu


All you have to do is import the training programs you are interested in by clicking on “Import program”


Click import and save

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