Fix Hogwarts Legacy Lags, Stutter, Low or Drop FPS

Hogwarts Legacy HL is one of the most anticipated games of this year. However, some players have been encountering technical issues such as stuttering, lags, low or drop FPS during gameplay. This can be a annoying and can affect the overall quality of the gaming experience. In this short guide, we’ll share some of the possible causes of these problems and provide some solutions to help you fix the HL Lags, Stutter, Bugs, Low or Drop FPS issues.


- First, make sure that your PC meets the minimum or recommended system requirements of Hogwarts Legacy


- If your system is compatible to run the Hogwarts Legacy, then you must disable the V-Sync which can in some cases cause lag issues on Computer.


Fix Hogwarts Legacy, Lags, Stuttering, Low, Drop FPS

- If V-Sync is disabled but still experiencing the above issues then you can check that your DLSS is up to date.


- Also make sure to disable Ray Tracing, which can fix most lag and stuttering issues.


- Also lower the various graphics settings in-game to increasesome FPS. 

- How to fix graphic bugs on Hogwarts Legacy?

In the game, you may have cosmetic issues, graphical bugs or elements that do not display correctly. If so, we recommend lowering your graphics settings or upgrading your graphics card if you're on a PC.

- How do I fix progression issues in Hogwarts Legacy?

Again, players report having problems advancing in the game due to a stage that does not update or changing an element of the game such as your name to start your adventure. In case this happens we recommend loading an old save and if that doesn't change anything then just wait for a patch to fix it.

- How to fix PS5 version bug for Hogwarts Legacy?

Players who purchased the game on PS4 may have an issue where the game is stuck on PS5. If that happens, well, it's only a console bug related to the store and we have to wait for PlayStation or the developers to fix the problem. 

- My controller keeps vibrating, how do I fix the bug on Hogwarts Legacy?

If your controller won't stop vibrating after you finish an encounter, the best solution is to Fast Travel. If that still doesn't fix the bug, you can try using another controller to see if the problem isn't the one you usually use.

- I'm stuck in the loading screen, how do I fix the bug on Hogwarts Legacy?

A few players have reported getting stuck in the loading screen. If this is your case, you can first check that your game is up to date and if so, try to restart the game from an old save.

- Voice bug in Hogwarts Legacy

Last relatively annoying bug that can happen to you, it is the voices of the characters which change in a very strange way. Currently there is no workaround and the only thing to do is wait for a fix.