Kick founders: who owns it, how to stream with OBS?

Kick is a new streaming service alternative to Twitch. With attractive remuneration for streamers and viewers, plus more flexible policy and the possibility to earn a large part of its subscription revenue.

Now, who owns the Kick? Well, the information circulating on web is not clear whether it's Elon Musk, Ed Craven, Mr. Beast, or even Trainwreck. In this article, you find all there is to know about the platform's co-founders. 

The owners of Kick are Trainwreck, a well-known streamer best known for his work on Twitch before making the switch, Bijan Tehrani, an Australian businessman who also the founder of Stake and Easygo, and Ed Craven, the founder of the Stake casino platform.

Bijan and Ed Craven are well known for having accumulated a large sums of money through bitcoin and online gambling. They are the owners of the new Twitch-competing platform along with Tyler Faraz "Trainwreck" Niknam. Bijan Tehrani is not very active on social networks and is much less present than Ed Craven and Trainwreck.

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How do you start a stream on Kick using OBS?

Now, here is a guide to start streaming your content on Kick using OBS software

The process for streaming content on Kick is identical to that on Twitch. The first step is to download OBS from the internet.

The next step is to create an account on the website. After filling the form with your email, password and birth date, you can use your Apple or Google accounts to log in.

After you have created and logged into your account, go to the top right of your screen to access your account settings. Next, go to "Settings" then "Stream Key". Copy this key and the stream URL.

Once done, open OBS and go to "File" then "Settings". Now in Stream(flux) select the "Custom..." service and copy the server key and the stream key.

Now, all you have to do is configure your stream with your preferred parameters and begin a stream.

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