Kick: how to start stream and earn money using your PC?

Kick is a brand-new streaming service that competes with Twitch. It has all the characteristics required to appeal by providing streamers and viewers with adequate payment, more flexible restrictions, and a share of up to 95% of subscription income.


If you also want to start streaming and earn money on Kick, then in this article we’ll share how to do it using your PC (Currently, it is not possible to stream on Kick from consoles. However, this feature will be available soon)


How to stream on Kick using your computer?


- First, you need software like Streamlabs, OBS or Xsplit.

- Open an account on the Kick.

- Go to "Settings" then "Stream Key" to copy the streaming key and the stream URL.

- Open streaming software and paste server URL and key in settings.

- Change the stream's settings according to your preferences.

- Start live streaming.


How much can you earn by streaming on Kick?


Thanks to recent Twitch updates, Kick is encouraging certain streamers to check out this new platform and it’s willing to give users up to 95% of subscription earnings directly and even a wage. Currently, there is no official information available regarding the actual salary, however some reports claim that it will be in the range of $2250 per month or $16 per hour.


Kick, How To, Stream, Earn Money, Using Your PC

The eligibility requirements to get Kick's streaming payment are as follows:


We don’t have official information but here are some rumors circulating on the web regarding the requirements.

- Involved in the Kick creator program called "partner". It will be available soon on the platform.

- Have a minimum of 100 viewers on average.

- Be an active streamer to ensure qualitative broadcasts.

- The botting is detected and will ban the streamer from the program.

- Work at least 32 hours per week.


In other words, all it takes to make over $2,000 from Kick is 100 views and being active.


Can you really earn from Kick?


It's understandable that the idea of ​​getting a paycheck so easily while streaming seems unreal. This "Cash-burn" marketing strategy basically entails investing Kick's financial resources heavily in order to increase market share right away, even if it leads to short-term financial losses. Their main objective is to make a name for itself in the competitive streaming platform market, which is now dominated by Twitch TV.


Furthermore, these prerequisites are considerably more challenging to fulfill because maintaining an average of 100 viewers on Twitch is already a difficult task. Kick, on the other hand, is a platform with lower traffic, which means fewer viewers. Therefore, it can be challenging to meet the milestone of 100 viewers as soon as your channel is launched.


Where does the money that Kick is willing to spend come from? Kick was initially created to promote Stake, an online casino site. It has managed to earn from this very lucrative sector. Kick has attracted streamers that specialize in "Gambling" by taking advantage of banning on broadcasting this type of game on Twitch.


However, it is clear that such a financial system cannot be sustainable over the long run. Kick states it will never change its business strategy, but it is impractical for it to spend such a large amount of money each month. In fact, its real intension is not streaming, but online casino. The platform also highlights this content: that is why they spend some money to attract as many streamers as possible, and therefore attract an audience of all ages and encourage them to spend their money on the site.

Can you stream on Kick using a PS5 or Xbox Console? 

Currently, it is not possible to stream Kick on your consoles. However, Kick has confirmed that this feature will be available in the future.

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