What is Twitch Partner Plus, is it worth it?

Twitch recently revealed its new Partner Plus program to pay streamers up to 70% of their subscription income.

Twitch has introduced its Partner Plus program in response to recent Kick announcement, especially regarding streamers payment. Streamers will be able to earn up to 70% of the revenue from subscriptions if they adhere to the rules set by the Twitch. Regardless of this announcement, which seems to be good news, the reactions are controversial.

Twitch had reacted quickly in response to Kick's recruitment marketing campaign for streamers, by revealing their new program to better reward streamers. Here are all the terms or requirements mentioned on the Twitch official blog:

- The net income earned from the subscriptions will be shared 70/30 percent among participating streamers.

- Streamers will benefit from this share for 12 months.

- Streamers will earn this share up to a cap of $100,000.

What is, Twitch, Partner Plus, Is It Worth

- Partners must maintain at least 350 recurring paid subscriptions over the course of three consecutive months. Twitch Prime and free subscriptions are not included in this.

- Once the eligibility requirements are met, partners will be automatically enrolled in the program for 12 months, even if the number of subscriptions declines during this time.

- The Partner Plus program will launch on October 1, 2023.

- Streamers who meet the program's eligibility requirements in July, August, and September will be accepted to the program and informed of their acceptance in October.

However, for some people, this is insufficient, and in reality, it is just a program that was in place in the past. They simply renewed the application process and requested the exact same requirements as before; unfortunately, nothing new, even though things are moving along somewhat.

Popular streamers are undoubtedly pleased with this decision. However, smaller streamers, those who don't qualify, will see no change in their earnings.

We can speculate that the motivation behind this statement is to retain streamers that bring in more money than they cost Twitch while diverting little streamers to Kick in order to free up bandwidth.

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