Best Cows, bread, earn more money in Story of Seasons (AWL)

Raising animals in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life (AWL) is very important as they give you resources that you can sell and earn money.

In your farm / barn you can keep a number of different animals and they can be divided into two categories:

Farm animals include cows, sheep, goats, chickens and ducks. You can also keep pets as they add life to your farm and occasionally perform essential tasks. You can keep a dog, a cat and a horse as pets.

How to get, keep and breed cows in AWL? You will receive your first cow right at the start of the game and then you can place additional orders for cows and bulls with Takakura using the ledger adjacent to the shipping bin. Bulls cost half of the price of cows because they don't produce milk.

The different types of cows and their buying prices are:

Normal Cow (produce milk) cost you - 5000 G

Brown Cow (male cow, can be bred) cost you - 10000 G

Brown Cow (female cow, produce milk) cost you - 20000 G

Marble Cow (male cow, can be bred) cost you - 10000 G

Marble Cow (female cow, produce milk) cost you - 20000 G

Star Cow (male cow, can be bred) cost you - 25000 G

Star Cow (Female cow, produce high quality milk) cost you 50000 G

Please note that you can also sell these cows for half of their buying prices.  

The difference between Brown and Marble cows is that their milk is ideal for various products. While the milk from Marble cows is ideal for producing cheese, the milk from Brown cows is more suitable for making butter and these products will earn you more money in AWL. Also, you should not process the milk from Star cows at all because you can make more money by selling just raw milk itself. 

How to grow grass or feed your cows? In AWL, you can plant grass yourself by using fertilizer. You can just take some fertilizer and put it right on the ground and it’s going to grow into long grass. You need to feed your cows twice a day. If your cows are inside then there are two pieces of fodder, if they are outside they are still going to eat two pieces of grass. 

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You can milk cows up to twice a day. It is best to milk your cow first thing in the morning. The quality of the milk depends on several factors:

Temperature and season

When the cow last calved

Health of the cow

Affection of the cow

If the cow is not healthy, even the greatest affection will not help. Apart from feeding them daily, you have to talk and brush them regularly to keep them clean and healthy. The higher the affection level that your cows have, the better the quality of their milk will be. Besides, you’ll get more hearts.     

Temperature affects the amount of milk bottles you get out of a milking session. During the spring and fall, when it is not too cold or hot, you’ll get three bottles in the morning and three bottles in the evening. But during the summer or winter, when it is too cold or too hot, you’ll get two bottles at a time.   

The first thing a cow offers after giving birth is mother milk, which you must give to the calf. A few days after calving, she produces much more milk than usual. So you get more milk overall than you would have without calving. The optimal times for this are summer or winter, 

How to get your cows pregnant? There are three ways to make your cows pregnant in Story of Seasons:

- You can rent a breeding bull. You get this for one day and therefore do not have to keep your own bull. Takakura takes care of breeding.

- You can keep a bull. Then every day there is a small chance that he will make your cows pregnant. However, this is very random and uncontrollable.

- You can ask Takakura to mate a bull with a cow. Of course you have to keep and maintain a bull for this. In contrast to random cover, you have much more control over the result here.

A pregnancy lasts 8 to 12 days. Red cheeks indicate that the cow is prepared to give birth. After that, you ought to lead them to the barn's separation area. In the event that you forget, the nature spirits will take care of things for you.

If you cross different breeds of cows, the calf will likely be of the same breed as the mother. However, the calf may be either a male or a female.

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