Dragonflight 10.1.5: how to earn, upgrade Gear Item Level?

WoW Dragonfly's next patch 10.1.5 is scheduled to be released on July 11. The PTR looks to be mostly complete with the Mega Dungeon, the new Augmentation Evoker Spec, the new world content, daily quests and quest lines all there and ready to be tested. There are relatively few flaws that I've personally encountered, and most of it works fairly well. So far, the patch appears to be in excellent shape.

The World of Warcraft development team created a new system with the release of patch 10.1 that made item farming more easily. This gear upgrade system is still relevant with patch 10.1.5.


So here is the list of methods that will help you to have a better item level (iLvL) in 10.1.5:


- Time Rift Events:  These daily activities offer you access to up to 424 upgradeable items per week. It is an excellent source of items.


- The Dawn of Infinity Dungeon: Every week, a new dungeon with level 437 loot is available in Mythic 0. The dungeon is still extremely challenging, so be careful.


- Use Enchanted Wyrm's Shadowflame Crests: These allow you to increase the gear up to 408 ilvl and are quite easily doable with less than 1000 gold of components.

- Find the Onyx Amulet: Depending on your class, you can find this amulet by using keys in the Zksera Vaults.


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- In Forbidden Reach, you can earn some Elemental Overflow and Storm Sigils by doing daily quests and killing some rare spawns. Once you have collected those head to Valdrakken where you can find a vendor called Mythressa who gives you 359 Raging Tempest gear for some Elemental Overflow. Then use your Storm Sigils to upgrade that to 385 iLvL gear, you can then use Untapped Forbidden Knowledge and some Storm Sigils to upgrade that gear to 395 iLvL gear.


- The Zaralek Caverns campaign, the Blue Dragonflight Questline, Fyrakk Assaults and World Events, all of these are great things to do to collect some valuables and coins and start upgrading your gear.


- Do low-level M+. This will give you coins and stuff to be able to upgrade your gear.

These tips will help you to reach item level 420+ and start endgame activities without too much difficulty.