WoW Time Rift: how to get and use Paracausal Flakes?

Several time travel-themed activities will be available in the latest content patch for World of Warcraft Dragonflight. One such new activity is Time Rifts.

So what is a Time Rift in WoW Dragonflight update 10.1.5? A Time Rift occurs every hour on the hour in Thaldraszus, it's marked on the map it's over in the Tyrhold Reservoir. So how long you've got until a Time Rift or how long you've got left on an active time Rift? Usually, they last around 15 minutes in total on the hour every hour and these are repeatable. So if you want to do it you can do it every hour on the hour or you can just do it once a week for the weekly quest. 

In these events, you’ll encounter number of new vendors and they will offer you with a variety of things, including mounts, pets, and even equipment. In order to purchase them, you will require new currency.

As we mentioned earlier, the Time Rift will allow you to earn many rewards, including a currency called Paracausal Flakes. To be able to collect this new currency, you must participate in Time Rift event.

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You can earn, farm or collect the Paracausal Flakes in several ways:

- Raise reputation with Soridormi: Each level gives you an increasing number of Paracausal Flakes.

- Defeat enemies in the Rift: 2 Paracausal Flakes per enemy killed

- Complete a stage of a Time Rift: 20 Paracausal Flakes

- Finish a Time Rift: 150 Paracausal Flakes

- Collect Time Essences from the Time Rift: 20-100 Paracausal Flakes

- Each boss in the Dawn of Infinity dungeon: 50 Paracausal Flakes

- Time Rift Daily Quest: 70 Paracausal Flakes 

- Weekly Quest: 1000 Paracausal Flakes

You can use Paracausal Flakes to buy the following things:

- Mounts: 3000 Paracausal Flakes

- Pets: 2750 Paracausal Flakes

- Weapon and Armor Skins: 1000 to 1150 Paracausal Flakes

- Reputation Token: 50 to 4000 Paracausal Flakes 

- Trinket ilvl 402: 1750 Paracausal Flakes

- Tabard Appearance: 1500 Paracausal Flakes

- Ensemble: 2500 Paracausal Flakes

That's all there is to know about Paracausal Flakes!