Remnant 2: best graphics settings to run R2 on low or high PC

In this short tutorial we’ll share the best in-game graphics settings to run Remnant 2 (R2) smoothly on high-end or low-end PC.

Display Mode - Fullscreen (Enabling fullscreen option will fix Stuttering and FPS drops for many PCs.

Resolution - Native 

Motion Blur - Off (depends on the hardware you have)   

VSync - Off (minimize input lag and frame rate drops)

Framerate - Unlocked 



Upscale Quality - Quality

DLSS Frame Generation - On (for RTX 4000 series card, this will give you huge boost on FPS)

Shadow Quality - Low (depends on the hardware you have, set it to Low will Boost your FPS)

Remnant 2, Best Graphics Settings, R2, Low, High, PC
Post Processing - Medium (this setting will give you better visual quality while maintaining performance and frame rate)  

Foliage Quality - Medium (If you are experiencing FPS drops then set it to Low)

Effects Quality - Low   

View Distance Quality - Medium (If you have a decent FPS then go with High)

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