Remnant 2: how to unlock all Archetypes, change, start classes?

In Remnant 2 (R2), there are a number of classes or Archetypes that you can unlock at the beginning of the game. In this guide, we'll show you how to get them all.

How to get all archetypes in Remnant 2 and change them? If you want to have all the classes and all the archetypes in R2, here is our guide for all of them. 

In Remnant 2, you will have the following classes and Archetypes:











However, at the beginning of your adventure, you will have the choice between 4 classes, the Hunter, the Challenger, the Medic and the Handler.

It should be noted that if you have pre-ordered R2, you will also be able to unlock the Gunslinger, who is also one of the "secret" classes of the game. 

Each archetype has a main attribute, 4 passive perks, a trait and an active skill at its disposal. With increasing character, the talents and the skill are unlocked or improved / upgrade.

The passive abilities have different categories:

Damage perks improve your damage.

Team perks include buffs for you and your team.

Utility perks make your life a little easier in general.

Relic perks take effect as you use your relic.

You have access to an additional active skill at archetype levels 5 and 10. Though, you can only use one active skill at a time. Furthermore, as you level up, your archetypal property automatically increases in level. Therefore, you don't need any points for it.

So the following things are unlocked per archetype level:

Level 0:  Prime Perk, first active skill

Level 1:  Damage Perk

Level 2:  Team Perk

Level 3:  Utility Perk

Level 4:  Relic Perk

Level 5:  Second active skill, upgrade Prime Perk

Level 6:  Upgrade Damage Perk

Level 7:  Upgrade Team Perk

Level 8:  Upgrade Utility Perk 

Level 9:  Upgrade Relic Perk

Level 10:  Third active skill, upgrade Prime Perk

Your starting arsenal varies depending on the archetype. The initial equipment for each archetype includes a unique melee weapon, two firearms, and various pieces of armor.

You are not locked into an archetype. After collecting 10 trait points, you can choose a second archetype. However, you have to unlock this one, even if it was found among the starting archetypes. Then you can equip him as a second archetype in the menu.

You can use the active skills of both archetypes. Also the Perks are available for both. Only the main attribute is solely determined by your primary archetype.

In the following we will show you what the individual archetypes can do and how you unlock them.


If you want to unlock the Medic as a second archetype, you will have to talk to Dr. Norah, the medical supply merchant. You need to buy the Medic pin from him for 1,500 scrap. Wallace will give you the Cadeceous Idol Engram that you can use to unlock the Medic Archetype but first you have to take the Medic Pin to him and pay him 4 Luminous Crystals and 1,000 Scraps.

The Medic has one focus above all:  Healing and Protection.  It is therefore particularly suitable as a support in multiplayer, but can also keep himself alive. The Medic has the following skills:


Main Skill:  After a certain amount of healing, allies  is getting a relic charge. Attribute upgrades decrease the amount of healing required.

Wellspring: Creates a healing well that regenerates life energy and reduces conditions in an area.

Healing Shield: Gives your team a strong shield that heals them at the same time.

Redemption: Revives your allies in a large radius and heals for a very large amount.


Medic Perks:

Damage Perk: Increases your overall damage. After upgrading, you also gain additional critical hit chance.

Team Perk: Increases your relic efficiency and heals your allies when using the relic. After upgrading, this healing is increased on heavily injured allies.

Utility Perk: Increases the hits you take before losing gray health. The upgrade increases this number even further.

Relic Perk: Increases the application speed of your relic. After upgrading, you will stagger less when used.

Prime Perk: Increases the amount of healing you can distribute.


The Medic starts with the following equipment:


Field Medic Mask, Overcoat, Trousers and Gloves: 68 total armor, 15 bleed resistance, 8 blight resistance, 2 toxin resistance, and 35 weight.

XMG57 "Bonesaw": A machine gun that is more accurate when fired and can overheat.

Service Pistol: Small pistol with a small magazine but good damage.

Steel Flail: Melee weapon with large swing radius and good damage.


The Hunter wants to do damage quickly and effectively. He does this by focusing on his opponent's weaknesses. The following abilities and benefits are available to hunters.

To unlock the Hunter, you will have to talk to Brabus, the arms dealer. You need to buy the rusty medal from him for 1,500 Scrap then take it to Wallace. He will give you a special item called Sniper War Medal for 4 Luminous Crystals and 1,000 Scraps that you can use to unlock Hunter.

The Hunter has the following skills and perks:

Prime Perk: When you deal weak point damage, you increase the duration of your other hunter abilities. Upgrades will increase this.

Hunter's Mark:  Makes it easier to mark enemies. Marked enemies take critical damage more easily.

Hunter's Focus:  Aiming at enemies marks them. Prolonged aiming focuses you, reducing your spread and recoil and increasing your damage and critical strike chance.

Hunter's Shroud: You become harder to detect. If you break Shroud after the timer expires or through an action, you deal more damage for a short time and mark enemies hit.

Damage Perk (Deadeye): You deal more ranged damage and weak point damage. This bonus increases tenfold as the attribute improves.

Team Perk (Return To Sender): Enemies that die from critical or weak point damage drop more ammo. They are also more likely to drop ammo as they improve.

Utility Perk (Urgency): Kills increase your reload speed. When upgraded, this also increases your movement speed.

Relic Perk (Intuition):  Relic usage extends your hunter skills. When upgraded, weak spot kills increase the deployment speed of your relic.

Traits:  Increases the ideal range of your firearms.

The hunter starts with the following equipment:

Nightstalker Shroud, Garb, Pants and Gloves:  69 armor, 36 weight, 6 bleed resistance, 7 fire resistance, 5 lightning resistance, and 13 blight resistance.

Huntmaster M1: Single-shot rifle with a scope.

Steel Sword: Fast knife with medium damage.

Repeater Pistol: Low single damage semi-automatic pistol.



To unlock the Challenger, you will have to talk to Reggie, the consumables seller. You need to buy the Old Metal Tool from him for 1,500 Scrap. Then give it to Wallace and pay him 4 Luminous Crystals and 1,000 Scraps to get the Steel Enswell, which you can use to unlock the Challenger.


To unlock the Handler, you will have to talk to Mud Tooth. You need to buy the Old Whistle from him for 1,500 Scrap. Then give it to Wallace and pay him 4 Luminous Crystals and 1,000 Scraps to get the Silent Whistle, which you can use to unlock the Handler.


If you haven't pre-ordered the game, unlocking the Gunslinger is still possible and can therefore be considered a "secret" class in Remnant 2. To get it, you'll have to talk to Mud Tooth, the old man on a chair near a campfire. Simply ask him to tell you a story and repeat the process until he offers the Worn Cylinder needed to unlock Gunslinger, as well as the Gunslinger Charm amulet. He may not tell you any more stories, so all you have to do is progress a little further in the adventure, then come back and ask him to tell you another story.


As for the Explorer class, the first real secret archetype, you will have to complete the game. In the final boss battle, you will get the Broken Compass which you have to give to Wallace and pay him 4 Luminous Crystals and 1,000 Scraps to get Golden Compass that you can use to unlock Explorer.


The Summoner one of the most complicated secret Archetypes to obtain due to its prerequisite. To get it, you will have to go to Yaesha and explore the area until you find a Blood Moon Alta . Among the items offered for crafting is a Grimoire that can be crafted for 15 Blood Moon Essence, 5 Lumenite Crystals, and 1,500 Scrap. Once you have obtained this Grimoire, all you have to do is talk to Wallace to have the class unlocked.

Now, if you are wondering how to farm or get Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2 well, the best method to farm them is to go to Forbidden Grove in Yaesha. If you guys haven't got access to Yaesha yet you can go to Adventure Mode re-roll a few times until Yaesha world pops up and once you get there all you have to do is look for a Blood Moon in the sky that should be floating around, shoot it and it comes directly into your inventory. Once you have got it you are then going to run in and out of a dungeon entrance. This will reset the essence in the area for you to be able to farm. You should be able to do this enough to get the armor and get the material for the Summoner.


Again, you're going to have to bet on luck to get it. Go to Losomn and more precisely to the Morrow Parish. Once you are there, approach the huge manholes. If you are lucky or rather unlucky, you will be caught by a huge creature, Manticora, that will take you to its lair. Just defeat her to get the Mysterious Stone and trade it to Wallace to unlock the Alchemist.


To unlock the Engineer, you will need to collect the Alien Device. It can be found in the N'Erud region. There, you will have a platform with a body that allows you to have the object you need. Take the Alien Device to Wallace to get the Drzyr Caliper which you can use to unlock the Engineer.


The Invader is a class that you will get more easily after completing the game. You will first have to go to Losomn Asylum. Then go to the balcony of the upper floor to obtain the key of the cell there. Then go to the underground part of the asylum to find a woman's cell there, open it with the key, but only after giving her the three sculptures / dolls that you got from the enemies in the area and getting the clue for the safe code. After that she will give you Nightweaver’s Stone Doll.

Once you have the item, teleport to the Corrupted Harbor area which is just before the final boss. Near the end of the Corrupted Harbor, you'll find yourself inside a crashed ship. There is a small hidden entrance on the lower floor of this ship, which leads to a separate outdoor area. That's where the Dreamcatcher comes in. Equip it to get the Walker's Dream. This will transport you to another area. In this area, defeat the Bane boss to collect the Wooden Shiv. Just bring it back to Wallace to get the Serrated Root Blade, which you can use to unlock the class.

How to change archetype or class in Remnant 2? In case you want to change class, here is the method allowing you to have the element to unlock the archetype that interests you.

After obtaining the object allowing you to unlock the class, all you have to do is talk to Wallace who is at the level of the docks at the main base to have the class unlocked. Once done, go to the character menu and click on the “ Archetype ” menu. Then tap on the item next to the main archetype item to change it and select the one you want to equip.

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