League of Legends LoL: how to play Briar? best build

Briar is a new League of Legends champion who might be debuting in LoL Update 13.18 in the PBE.

Briar is a vampire who wants to use her insatiable desire for blood and flesh to discover life. She was made to be a living weapon by the Black Rose, the group commanded by Leblanc.

Here, we'll go over all of Briar's skills / abilities, recommended items / gear, useful runes, and preferred spells.

Please note that Briar has only just been released, so this information may change in the future.

Briar Summoner Spells Top and Jungle:

Flash: This important summoner spell is required by the majority of champions, whether they are defending or attacking.

Smite: The basic spell for all junglers.

Teleport: An essential spell for all top laners.

Ghost: Briar may benefit greatly from this spell, as she needs maximum movement speed to deal maximum damage. 


The best runes for Briar, Jungler

LoL, Best Runes, Briar, Jungler

These runes provide high damage, movement speed and tenacity for Briar. She'll require a lot of things if she wants to be able to reach and attack her opponents continuously.

Here are a few additional runes that we believe could be used as well.

LoL, Best Runes, Briar, Jungler

These runes are more for the toplane, although it is also possible to play with Lethal Tempo in toplane against certain champions.

The Briar Top and Jungle build

Duskblade of Draktharr: This item's substantial extra damage and the additional benefit of being untargetable after killing your target make it perfect for escaping danger or continuing an offensive.

Trinity Force: Thanks to the hit points, movement speed and damage it brings, this could be a good item for Briar.

Guinsoo's Rageblade:  Given Briar's stacking passive and reliance on auto-attacks, Guinsoo could be a good mythic.


Of course, you can also play Eclipse if you prefer to focus on 1v1 duels.


Standard build Top and Jungle:

Blade of the Ruined King

Black Cleaver

Sterak's Gage


Briar has very few hit points. The Black Cleaver is therefore very useful for gaining CDR, life points and reducing the armor of opponents. The Blade of the Ruined King is very interesting for inflicting magic damage on auto-attacks, slowing opponents and gaining attack speed. Sterak's Gage offers lots of hit points, AD, tenacity and a big shield that just might save you in teamfights.


Other Endgame Options

Death's Dance

Edge of Night

Maw of Malmortius

Serpent's Fang


All of these objects are of interest to Briar. Death's Dance allows you to take more risks just like Edge of Night. Maw of Malmortius is a very good item against mages and Serpent's Fang when there are more than two shields in front.



Berserker's Greaves: Briar appreciates these boots to increase her attack speed and inflict even more damage. Only take them if you are very early in the game.

Mercury's Treads: Interesting against many types of controls. However, it is important to note that tenacity does not work against removals and knock-ups.

Plated Steelcaps: These shoes are very useful against physical damage, especially when it comes from basic attacks.


Briar Skill / Ability Order in Top and Jungle:

In order, the spells to max are: W, A, E, R

You generally want to start at A, then put a dot in the E at level 2 and in the Z at level 3.

In jungle, you will rather start with Z at level 1 then E at level 2 and A at level 3.

You now know the basics about Briar in League of Legends!

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