Best graphics settings to run Lies of P LoP on low high PC

In this quick guide, we’ll share the best in-game graphics settings to run Lies of P (LoP) smoothly with high FPS on low-end or high-end PC.

Graphics Settings:

Screen Mode - Maximum Screen

Resolution - Native

Max Frame Limit - 240 (Depends on the amount of Hertz on your monitor)  

VSync - Off

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 - Off

AMD FidelityFX CACAO - Off (High end PCs can use this feature to get better image quality)

Nvidia DLSS - Quality   

Visibility - Medium 

Anti-aliasing Quality - Low  

Post- processing Quality - Medium 

Shadow Quality - Medium

Texture Quality - Best (depends on the amount of vram)

Best Graphics Settings, Lies of P, LoP, Low-End, High-End, PC Game

Effect Quality - Medium

Vegetation Quality - Medium (High end PCs can go with High)

Shading Quality - Medium

Reflection Quality - Low

Volumetric Fog Quality - Medium

Ambient Occlusion Quality - Medium 

Anisotropy Filter Quality - Best 

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