Best Phantom Liberty (PL) mods: Cyberpunk 2077 2.0

With the launch of version 2.0 of the game and the Phantom Liberty DLC, Cyberpunk 2077 has accomplished a significant developmental step. It is a game with a lot of mods, and with the release of version 2.0 and Phantom Liberty, you may wondering what mods are available for installation and, more importantly, which are the best mods to install for a more satisfying gaming experience. Here, we'll list a few mods for you.

The mods that we're going to suggest to you are mostly Quality of Life changes, which won't necessarily change your gameplay much but can make your gaming experience more pleasant and smoothe.

To be able to install and manage your mods more easily, we suggest using mod management tools like REDmod or Vortex from Nexus Mod.

FXBegone: Remove unnecessary visual effects - The FXBegone mode, which lets you get rid of some of the visual effects from the Cyberpunk basic interface settings, is one of the first mods that the community has expressed a strong appreciation for. Some people might find these effects distracting even if they are intended to aid in immersion. Visit Nexus Mod to download this mode. 

Cyberpunk 2077 HD Reworked Project: This mod was created by a community member who is also in charge of making various textures in a variety of games, such as Starfield, The Witcher and Skyrim. Because of this, Cyberpunk has a mode in this vein that enables even higher definition gaming. The mod is available to download on Nexus Mod.

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Metro System: This mod adds a subway to Night City, giving you a completely new way to move around that is more relaxing and allows you to see landscapes in a whole new way. The mod is available to download on Nexus Mod.

Fast Travel From Anywhere 2 Anywhere: You have two choices here to enhance your travel in Nightcity. We particularly appreciate exploring the city's depths since it is still a lot of fun to discover and rediscover. But if you are familiar with the city, you might wish to simplify things by teleporting wherever you want. The mod is available to download on Nexus Mod.

You may also simply want a clearer Fast Travel interface. In this case, we recommend Better Fast Travel Map.

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