Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 how to play Phantom Liberty? Make money fast

Version 2.0 of Cyberpunk 2077, the game's first major update, was recently released. It brings some major changes to the game, such as talents, weapons and cyberware. In addition to this update, Phantom Liberty (PL), the game's first DLC, has also been released recently.  

But how to play this new DLC, Phantom Liberty or PL? Where to find the starting quests? What to do with a character who has already advanced in the game? Is it better to reroll or remake a new character? What is the best method to farm money quickly in the game? In this guide, we'll answer all these questions to help you get started and progress quickly in this new expansion.

There are several options and strategies to play Phantom liberty. However, we strongly suggest that you restart the game with a new character before you even start reading this post. It will be better to start with a new character rather than an old one because Cyberpunk has undergone significant changes and PL begins after a specific point in the story. It tells a new story in Acts 2 and 3 so a player who has already completed the game will need to do a story that takes place early, which can be a little awkward to do.

You have 3 different options to play Phantom Liberty:

You have created a new character and you want to play PL straight away

It doesn't get any easier than this. You can choose to launch Phantom Liberty right away or to launch the campaign normally after you create your new character. If you select the Phantom Liberty option, your character will enter the game at level 15 and you can begin by reading a book and taking a call from Songbird. Complete the first quest and you will be in Phatom Liberty.

You have created a new character and you want to play the game "normally" until Phantom Liberty

If you wish to start Phantom Liberty with a brand-new character but without going through the campaign, you can complete the Transmission quest in the main quest. After completing this quest, you will get a call from Songbird.

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You have an old character (old saved game) and you want to play Phantom Liberty with it

With your old character, we encourage you to start with updating your old character, unlocking the weapons you require with the new changes that have been made, upgrading your cyberware, upgrading your talents, and beginning from scratch. Then, if you have progressed too far in the game, there is a chance that the DLC will have difficulty launching. Otherwise, you should receive the call from Songbird almost at the start of the game.

How to farm money quickly in Phantom Liberty?

In Phantom Liberty, you have many ways to earn money. Whether it's contracts, the quest, side quests, Cyberpsychos or NCPD Scanner Hustles / alerts (and not counting the resale of weapons and items), you have a lot of possibilities. So, what is the best method to make money quickly in Phantom Liberty?

In our opinion, the best method is NCPD Scanner Hustles. These small police jobs have several advantages that make them a very good source of income:

- They are in great numbers. You may easily complete dozens of them in Watson, the game's first district.

- They are often close to each other. You can therefore chain the alerts.

- They provide a considerable amount of money for a comparatively low time investment.

- The objectives are simple and sometimes give additional rewards. Whether it's Skill Shards, Cyberware Capacity Shards, or even additional mini-quests, you have plenty of side rewards.

- It is also a good source of reputation, XP, items and resources.

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