Honkai Star Rail HSR: LYNX Light Cones explained, which one?

In this Honkai Star Rail (HSR) guide, we’ll be sharing some useful tips on Light Cones as well as some mistakes to avoid while selecting and prioritizing which light cones to use or best for LYNX. 

Let's start with the 3-star LYNX options that are available for free. These options are all excellent values because they are easy to build, have base HP stats that are comparable to those of 4 stars, and have some useful effects. Out of these three, the one I recommend most is Multiplication. Given that you'll be using her primarily for basic attacks and that you'll benefit from the faster turn cycling.

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Perfect Timing is one of the 4-star Light Cones that grants the user extra effect resistance as well as a universal outgoing healing bonus based on effect resistance. This further aids in preventing debuffs, particularly those that crowd control. As you want LYNX to be ready as much as possible to cleanse and heal allies. It also works well with a Broken Keel set to meet this 30% minimum need and as the outgoing healing bonus is universal, it will also have an impact on LYNX's effects on healing over time.

The second one is Post-Op Conversation, which provides energy regeneration rate and ultimate outgoing healing bonus. This meets LYNX's energy requirements as well as her healing capacity. So the healing bonus is only limited to her ultimate. She can attain faster Ult Recharge times with higher ERR, which allows her to have her emergency heal and cleanse available sooner.

The third one is Quid Pro Quo, which you may buy at the Forgotten Hall Shop. During the wearer's turn, a random ally except the wearer gets a bit of energy back if their energy is lower than 50%. This helps in covering teammate energy needs, though it offers no other healing related bonuses.

The last one is the Shared Feeling, at least the outgoing healing bonus is universal. However, the energy mechanic won't be utilized as much and the energy it gives is relatively low.

When there are better BP Light Cone alternatives and the free-to-play or 4-star are already excellent, it is not worthwhile to obtain the Warmth Shortens Cold Nights cone as a BP reward. Don't waste your time on that.

Time Waits for no One is the standard 5-star Light Cone. It provides an HP bonus and a Universal Outgoing Healing bonus to the highest base stats. It also provides an extra damage source based on an accumulated healing amount by the user per turn. However, avoid buying this with Starlight currency because the 3-star and 4-star alternatives are already excellent and the upgrade is not worthwhile.

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