HSR Fu Xuan build tips, best relic, light cone and team comp

In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to build Fu Xuan in Honkai: Star Rail.

Fu Xuan, 5-star character, is a Quantum preservation support who scales off HP.

The two sets of Longevous -X2 (HP/Speed) with either Hackerspace -X2, Wuthering, or Wandering -X2 Cloud are her best Relics. After you unlock her Ascension-4 Trace makes her Ultimate to heal. The four set Longevous (crit/hp/speed) disciple is an alternative if you want to build her more as a sub DPS.

As for Ornaments I'd recommend using Ageless-X2, Broken Keel or Salsotto.

5*Shut Eyes is the best option for Fu Xuan's distinctive Light Cone, and Texture of Memories (M) is the second-best choice. 4*Landau’s choice and 4*Wildfire will be your best 4 stars but if you don't have those you could also use the 3* Defense or 3* Pioneering Light Cones.

Fu Xuan Build, Quick Guide, Honkai Star Rail, HSR, Relic, Light Cone, Team Comp

Since Fu Xuan’s skill increases Max HP to team members, the only DPS that comes to mind who could benefit from this will be Blade but you could also use this ability to increase heals from Lynx or Natasha. With that being said here's some other characters that work well with Fu Xuan.


Silver Wolf





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