Lies of P LoP: which strategy to use Dodge, Block or Parry?

The battles in Lies of P are difficult. Which of the options—Parry, Block, or Dodge—should you pick? In this guide, we’ll share some useful tips for mastering the art of blocking, parrying and dodging.

How to master Blocking? Blocking can appear to be the simplest method, but not really. It is effective against common enemies but less so against bosses. You can use blocking by pressing “L1” (PlayStation) or “LB” (Xbox). However, a simple block can be lethal against a strong enemy. The latter has the ability to deliver blows that cannot be blocked or dodged. The boss's red appearance when he prepares to attack will help you identify them. However, blocking is not so bad in other circumstances, particularly when facing up against less powerful opponents, because you lose less life and, more importantly, can replenish some of it by dealing damage.

How to master Parrying? One of the most useful skills to master is parrying. Press the guard button to execute a parry just before an adversary strikes you. This move not only reduces the damage you should have taken to zero, but it also throws off some of your opponents, giving you a chance to strike back. It is obvious that you must play using this mechanic.

How to master Dodging? Dodging is a great strategy to put distance between yourself and an opponent or to deflect an attack that you know for sure that you won't be able to parry in time. Just before the shot, use Circle (PlayStation) or B (Xbox) to escape. A successful dodge can often be the difference between victory and defeat. However, you will take full damage if you press too soon, so take care. Besides, a dodge drains stamina, and you need stamina to attack your opponent. You are unable to use it as much as you would like because of this.

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Finally, as a result of the animation, you will frequently perform a backward dodge, and by the time you approach your opponent to deliver a hit, you will already need to get ready to block the subsequent hit. This is why we recommend the Parry.

General recommendations : 

Parry is the most effective technique, but it requires in-depth knowledge of enemy movements.

Dodge if you want to reposition yourself or if you anticipate a powerful attack.

Block only as a last resort. It's better to block than take a hit, but keep the associated risks in mind.

The art of warfare demands patience and practice, regardless of your level of experience with Lies of P. With the help of this guide, we hope you will be better prepared to tackle Krat's dangers and unlock the hidden secrets of this fascinating game.

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