Starfield: how to install Star Wars mods, farm credits money?

In Starfield, it is now possible to install mods that might change a number of fascinating elements and one of them is the ability to wear clothes from the Star Wars universe. 

How to install Star Wars mod? In order to install the Star Wars mod in Starfield, go to the mode page and download the add-on by clicking on Vortex or Manual. Download the Star Wars mod.

Now that the program has been downloaded, follow the following default path: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Starfield and extract the files there. Then create the StarfieldCustom.ini file if it does not already exist in this folder. If it already exists, open it with Notepad or Notepad++ and enter the command:






Finally, delete all files inside Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data. And there you have it, normally the mod should be installed.

Now, with this mod you’ll be able to replace UC armor with versions from the imperial, Freestar armor with Rebel versions and several weapons with a version taken from the Star Wars universe. 

How to farm credits quickly? In Starfield, you will be able to make many credits or money, which you may use to customize your ship, purchase materials like Tungsten or Polymer, or buy ships. Now, if you want to know how to earn credits or money quickly and easily in Starfield, well, we are going to give you methods without using a glitch.

Do The Missions:

You can earn a lot of credits by completing both main and side missions. In some quests, you can bargain with NPCs for more money or, if you're lucky, loot enemies to grab their credit.

Sell Planet Survey Data:

You can gather data about the flora and fauna as well as resources by scanning and exploring planets. Given that the scans take very little time to conduct, selling this data to Constellation for 1,000 credits can be a quick source of income.

Rank up Commerce and Persuasion Skills:

These two skills are very helpful in Starfield because Commerce skill enables you to negotiate the sale of items at a greater price while also enabling you to pay less for your purchases. Persuasion skill is particularly fascinating because it allows you to get more money or credits during special conversations with NPCs.

Carry Goods:

Carrying contraband goods is the quickest and simplest method of making credits in Starfield. The Crimson Fleet will pay you to transport illegal goods, but you must have a Shielded Cargo Hold or by interact with the terminals located in bars.

Sell Contraband:

It is possible to acquire contraband by visiting bases controlled by criminal organizations like the Crimson Fleet or the Spacers. This contraband is symbolized by a little yellow icon. If you do not have a Shielded Cargo Hold, you run the possibility of being apprehended by the various systems' law enforcement. It's also important to remember that if your ship has special holds, then the contraband must be placed there directly in order to avoid detection by scanners. Selling contraband is a profitable source of credits.

Attack Ships:

Attacking ships is a fun way to earn credits in Starfield. It is possible to salvage some from wrecks, but destroying the engines is the quickest and most economical way to attack ships. Once you've approached the ship and defeated all of the enemies inside, carry all of the cargo to your ship. Going to the captain's chair also gives you the option to take command of the ship and add it to your collection. After that, all you have to do is sell the ship to make a good chunk of credit.

By selling whatever you loot, the resources your outposts produce, and by making good use of the Intersystem cargo links system, you may also earn a lot of credits.

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