Starfield Hammer Falls walkthrough: Ron Hope choice, rewards

As you progress through the Starfield, you’ll be able to unlock various missions and they will reward you with more or less valuable items that are also tied to trophies. The Hammer Falls is one of such quests, and it the last quest in the Freestar Rangers faction quest series. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock and complete it including the choice you will have to make during your progress in the quest.

In order to unlock the final quest, The Hammer Falls, in the Freestar Rangers faction questline, you will have to complete the following missions:

- Job Gone Wrong

- Deputized

- Where Hop is Built

- Shadows in Neon 

- Surgical Strike

- On the Run 

- First to Fight, First to Die

After completing the quest First to Fight, First to Die, you'll need to confront the individual responsible for all the issues that affected farmers due to the 1st's attacks. When you have unlocked The Hammer Falls quest, go to Hopetown to speak with Ron Hope, the president and CEO of HopeTech. You will be given a choice during the talk, and what happens next will rely on your choice.

Choice - 1: Spare Ron Hope - Take the bribe or turn a blind eye 

Ron Hope will offer you a bribe of 20000 Credits or 60000 with upgraded negotiation skill, and if you want to spare him, you'll either have to take it or promise to keep quiet. However, this choice is opposed by the majority of the companions. By allowing him to get away with it, you will not be doing justice and will be left with no choice but to lie when presenting your case to Marshal Blake. This will displease the Marshal because the investigation has reached a dead end but you will still be promoted to Ranger, 

Starfield, Hammer Falls, Walkthrough, Ron Hope, Choice, Rewards

Choice - 2: Kill Ron Hope

If you do not want to turn a blind eye to the situation or take the bribe, you will have no other choice than to confront the CEO and his bodyguards because the CEO does not want to go to court. Eliminating him will give you access to a particular conversation with Birgit, who is concerned about the future of the company but quickly realizes that Elana Nwanko, the second in command, is still in charge and is doing a great job. Also, don't forget to get rid of all the bodyguards before leaving, or you'll find yourself in a sticky situation during your next missions at HopeTech.

Most companions will undoubtedly appreciate your choice, but you will earn significantly fewer Credits than if you had saved him. All you need to do to end this criminal case once and for all is to report to the Marshal when you're finished at HopeTech and provide him the Slate containing all the evidence. You will be promoted to the rank of Ranger once the dialogue is finished.


In addition to the 12400 Credits for finishing the mission The Hammer Falls, you will earn a trophy, XP, and a free Starship, the Star Eagle.

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