Starfield: things can store and use in infinite Lodge chest

Early on in Starfield, you can get hold of an infinity or unlimited storage chest where you can keep all of your stuff. There are also other ways to increase your ship's cargo capacity and your ability to carry more during the game.


How to get or find infinity / unlimited storage space in Starfield?


Speaking with Matteo Khatri in the New Atlantis at the start of the second mission of the main story "The Old Neighborhood" will get you a room on the first floor of the lodge, where you’ll find an unlimited storage chest.


You can store an infinite amount of items into this storage container. However, if you wish to build an outpost, the materials from this chest are not automatically used, which is a downside of the entire process. The only materials that will be transferred automatically are those that are in your inventory or in the ship's storage / cargo hold.


Therefore, it makes sense to only store weapons, equipment, and other valuables in the lodge's safe. Leave everything else in your ship's storage.

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How to increase inventory cargo or space capacity in Starfield?

How to increase your ship's cargo capacity? To increase your ship's cargo capacity, go to a ship services technician in the spaceport of one of the major cities and select the dialogue option "I'd like to view and modify my ships."


Next, choose the ship that needs modification, and then choose the ship builder option in the context menu in the bottom bar. Choose the "Cargo" category by clicking on any location. Here, you’ll find all available cargo holds. The largest cargo hold in New Atlantis costs only a few thousand credits, but it increases your capacity by about 600 kg.


Another option is to hijack and steal spacecraft in the hopes that they have a bigger cargo hold than your present one.

In Starfield, you have the following choices to further increase your character's cargo capacity:


-  Go to a spacesuit workbench and add the Pocketed Spacesuit mod and the Extra Capacity mod to your boost pack. This gives you another 10kg each carrying capacity. As you advance through the game, you can unlock further upgrades with more capacity.


- Give your followers and crew members something to carry. They will always give them back to you.


- In the Physical skill tree, master the weightlifting skill. Each rank increases your carrying capacity (rank 1/10 kg, rank 2/25 kg, rank 3/50 kg, and rank 4/100 kg).


- Pay attention to Skill Magazines. Some of them raise your carrying capacity permanently by 5 kg.


- Your carrying capacity is temporarily increased by some help items, such as the UC Battlemeal Multipacks.


- Set up storage containers in each of your outposts. They are listed under the Decorations category in the construction mode.

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