AC Mirage: Secret Cat quest, Easter Egg location guide

In Assassin's Creed Mirage, you will encounter many Easter Eggs or quests and the Secret Cat is one of them.  


The burned-down village in the Wilderness northwest of Jarjaraya village is where the Secret Cat quest begins. In Jarjaraya, you’ll find a viewpoint as well. On the western outskirts of the village, there is a cat. Her meowing will become louder as you come closer.

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The cat will begin to move as soon as you get close, and you will need to lead the way. She is lost and you should assist her in locating her owner. Since there are some snakes on your path, it will stop twice. You can either kill them with targeted blows from your weapons or by killing them with throwing knives while keeping a safe distance. The cat cannot actually die; it will only begin to move once the snakes have been killed.


The cat's owner thanks you for your assistance as she runs toward you at the end of the pathway. So the task is already complete. Sadly, you won't receive anything in return; all you'll receive is the satisfaction of saving a cat's life.


By the way, AC Mirage offers more unique features than just the Secret Cat quest. In general, you can pet cats both inside and outside of Baghdad. Some of the cats also have an Assassin's Creed logo pattern on their noses.


This has a sad back-story, since the logos were incorporated into the game based on a real cat who sadly passed away. The request to have the cat permanently included in the game was subsequently granted by the creators, as you can see in the post below: