Alan Wake 2 AW2 change character : Alan or Saga which one?

Alan Wake 2 is the second entry in the popular survival horror game series Alan Wake. While the narrative and storyline of the game are undoubtedly its strongest points, Alan Wake 2 is well complemented by the artistic creation, the soundtrack, and the acting performances.

In this highly anticipated sequel, you have the choice between two main characters: Alan and Saga. So the question is, which one should I pick first? Each has a narrative with a number of chapters that will draw you further into the plot. You will also have side quests like Words of Power for Alan, and Saga's Nursery Rhymes, Cult Stashes and Lunch Boxes. 

There are two separate single-player stories in Alan Wake 2: those of Alan and Saga. The order of play does not influence the end result, but can offer different perspectives of the plot. At certain game points, players can swap between the two characters.

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The charm of Alan Wake 2 lies in its ability to offer a flexible narrative experience. Regardless of whether you decide to go through all of Alan's or Saga's missions first, you will always have the choice to finish both main stories. The game can become more interesting and consistent by focusing on a single character.

Switching between Alan and Saga after each main mission provides a smooth progression of the story. Furthermore, completing the missions of both characters is important to progressing towards the end of the game.

Change character from one to another is not happen at once. After you finish the first segment with Alan, you will require interaction with him as Saga at Elderwood Palace Lodge. After completing this phase, you can then access the reality and character change. Janitor’s buckets located in safe rooms will help you to switch reality and character. 

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